Brogan and Son Barber Shop

Aidan Brogan, Owner and Barber


Brogan and Son Barber Shop

We now live in a time where men walk into their barbershop, sit impatiently, and may or may not acknowledge the fellow men and Barbers who were already present. Most men probably continuously check their mobile phone and proceed to be caught up in their own world until he is summoned to the chair.

But the visit to the Barber is supposed to be a nostalgic experience. A place to treat oneself, indulge a bit without having to surrender one's masculinity to a women's salon. A chance to experience luxury without all the stuffiness. One that enhances your artful conversational skills, allowing men free reign to shoot the breeze with fellow gents in the shop. Sports, women, current events and a little trash talk should all be welcome.

Here at Brogan and Son we strive to provide all of our clients an escape from the mundane. What awaits you is a unique environment that combines a razor sharp grooming experience with an added opportunity to experience a selection of other gentlemanly past times.



Brogan and Son
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